Lightning Protection

When designing a structural lightning protection system using the Faraday Cage principle, it is possible to use one or more of a variety of available conductor systems; namely flat tape, solid circular or cable & wire (stranded).

The decision about which type to use is often based more on country-specific historical preferences or aesthetic considerations than the superiority of one type over another. High quality conductors, plus appropriate fittings, are available for all three systems.

Flat tape conductor system
Flat tape conductors are easy to install, with no need to straighten for a neat finish. Available in copper or aluminium, flat tape can be installed bare or with a choice of PVC coverings, to enable the tape to blend with modern building fabrics.

Tinned copper tape is also available for applications that require additional protection measures, and copper braid is available for use where flexibility is necessary, e.g. on moving installations like gates or doors.

Copper tape is approved to BS EN 13601, whilst aluminium tape is approved to BS EN 755-5.

Solid circular conductor system
Solid circular conductors can be used in applications where aesthetic considerations are important.

The 8 mm diameter solid circular range is less conspicuous than the flat tape system, and lends itself much better to being concealed. Available in copper or aluminium, solid circular conductors can also have PVC coverings.

A coil of circular conductor can be quickly installed, being easy to bend in any plane, and only needing a straightening tool to give a very neat finish.

Copper solid circular conductor is approved to BS EN 13601, whilst aluminium solid circular conductor is approved to BS EN 755-5.

Stranded conductor system
The range of soft drawn stranded conductors is available in copper, either bare or PVC insulated, and complies with the US standard NFPA 780.

Soft drawn stranded conductor is approved to BS EN 60228, whilst our PVC insulated stranded conductor is approved to BS 6004.

The range of conductors is complemented by a complete range of fittings, including clips, clamps, hold fasts and bimetallic connectors.

Fittings are designed to conform to the IEC/BS EN 62561 series of product standards governing performance of lightning protection components which form part of an external lightning protection system.

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